marți, 11 martie 2014

Old habits

Though it seems like something very unlikely,I really do feel like I got a good night's sleep last night around here (thank you,new mattress!).
Not to jinx...well,myself,but I'm proud of still being able to find joy in small things like breakfast or coffee or a breath of fresh air.
I love English with all my heart,but I hate the way in which some people choose to basically massacre it.
I'm getting more and more "motherly" by the day.
Being a mindreader would be so helpful on some occasions.
I'm tired of biscuits and candy-I want to be able to eat real food in the middle of the day,for Heaven's sake!
I need to go out more and meet more lovely boys,that's a fact.
I've never felt so safe and happy holding someone else's hand.
These words are so beautiful and meaningful,yet they pass me like foreign and angry butterflies...
"Home"-what a smothering den,what a loveless mishap of life as I thought I knew it...
It appears that old habits-as in long naps and stuffing oneself with food when given the occasion-are not easy to be forgotten...
I refuse to watch any more TV shows because they make me angry and sad.
Why would I even think about cursing the age I've been born in?
A book before sleep is like already starting to dream...

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