vineri, 7 martie 2014

Gasping for minutes

I never imagined I would find comfort in opening a window first thing in the morning.
I can't say I got to enjoy my coffee thoroughly,but it beats drinking it in the dark.
I wish I had more courage and more brain inside this thick skull.
Why do I feel sick in the most unfortunate and inappropriate moments of all time?
College is making me want to eat everything in sight.
Not everything is boring around here,but I'm too tired to even care anymore.
I made up for it by stealing a street glance.
Why did I ever think I could do so many things in so little time?!
Too many subway rides in one afternoon make it all seem like a trip down a steel sea.
This wind is screaming "winter!" and I'm starting to feel disgusted by books.
Too much to buy,too little money,far too grumpy stomach.
A good (and quick) meal makes it all better.
Same books,same wind,same subway.
My hair can be so (annoyingly) curly sometimes!
A "girl's night out" at the mall was all I needed after a hectic day like this: I still had to walk my soles off from store to store,but I ended up with gorgeous shoes,so that evens things out.
Laughing,joking and gossiping in the rain.
Late snack and pained bones.
What a strange and awesome day it has been!

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