duminică, 23 martie 2014

Stupid bag

Do you ever feel like your brain thinks too much about too many things at the same time?And that this renders your body unable to breathe?
That's how this entire day was for me,even though it couldn't have been more plain and normal.It's the simple things that get to you,mark my words...
For example,I bought a bag today-my very first ladylike (very big and very black) bag.It wasn't a whim-my entire being dictated that I should own a "mature" accessory.I know it sounds at least insane,but I'm dead serious.
I'm expecting change-I'm even demanding it from myself.Am I finally growing up?This scares me and I cannot help but feel like a biological parasite.
Why?Because,while I keep getting older,yet still remaining young,it seems as if I'm drawing all my energy from those around me.
My father's hair glows white and his face looks awfully tired.My mother is as thin as a twig.My grandmother doesn't hear all that well anymore and complains about knee pain all the time.
I don't...I don't want to live in a world where I'm blooming and they're withering,I really don't.It's unfair and terrifying and I want to start all over again.
I feel like my chest is about to cave in on itself.Stupid,stupid,stupid bag.

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