marți, 25 martie 2014

Unequal forces

I want to know.I want to believe.I want to feel that there is more to the world than death,lust and my fleeting existence.
The knowledge gained by the world so far is literally (if you will pardon the not so academic use) at my feet-all I need do is seize it.
For what other purpose could we come up for man if not the bright blossoming process of his mind and spirit?We may be dust,but,for an infinitely short period of time,we're smart,precious dust.
We are creators,we are artists,we are lovers that ignite the course of tomorrow.
I want to know...

I want to forget.I want to sleep.I want to sweep under the carpet all the glorious gore which surrounds me.
My eyes grow weary when faced with so much filth,unfiltered desire,animalistic drive.
We're not dust,we're mud-slippery,sly,choking blends of perdition.What good is knowing everything when you're less than nothing?Even the smallest cut could make us fall...
We have no purpose because there is no purpose to this charade.
We're puppets,we're drunkards,we're the barren wombs of today.
I want to forget...

2 comentarii:

Ada spunea...

the second half of this post sounds like the inner monologue of endverse cas <3 and thus i love it

Adriana spunea...

That's just beautiful and heartbreaking,hon! :*