marți, 18 decembrie 2012

A world of my own

If you could only see my mind at any given moment!This troubled sea,a colorful wonderland,my curse and blessing!I'm at its mercy,even though I'm the one in command!Oh,the beautiful irony...
I've said it once and I'll say it again:you can lift me up with a compliment,then knock me down by simply bringing up one of my flaws.Yes,I'm that type of a person.And I'll either shine like a star or flush till my ears start ringing,my eyes get all teary and my conscience crumbles like a burnt cookie.It's something I can't control and,in a way,it makes me who I am...
Because,as bad as the "bad" side gets,so does the good one prevail from time to time.My crown heals and my gaze dares to search for the sun once more.I feel powerful,wise,able to conquer the world-all of this owing to maybe the smallest of gestures.The perks of being more than one person at a time,right?
Today was good.I took on the role of a queen in my head and played it through.Nobody overthrew me,imaginary or not.In a world of my own,I felt infinite.

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