marți, 25 decembrie 2012

Christmas joy

Because my brother is an impatient little duck,we ended up opening our presents at 12 a.m.(instead of doing so on Christmas morning)-needles to say,I stayed up till an ungodly hour,eating chocolate and admiring my heavenly (black&gold) copy of "Wuthering Heights".Santa knows me all too well,apparently...
I swear,I do try to wake up when the alarm goes off!It's just that my muscles have this weird,reversed "Pavlov's dog" reaction and I can't physically get myself out from beneath the covers for,let's say,another hour.Though I just know I'm going to soon regret my lazy mornings,they feel too good to be denied.
To sum up this wonderful Christmas day:food,coffee,bed,blankets,cats,movies,food,music,writing,jokes,gifts,food,more coffee,DOCTOR FREAKING WHO,insane amounts of food,lovely friends,darling books,TV,FOOD.Pretty awesome time of the year,wouldn't you agree?The fact that I look like a giant ball stuffed inside a sweater stands proof of that.
Not to spoil anything,but I think this might be our first family holiday that didn't involve screaming and shouting at each other.And I'm truly grateful for it.
Hope you all had a beautiful day!Now,if you'll excuse me,I'm going to move all of my possessions into the kitchen because FOOD.Ho-ho-ho! 

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