sâmbătă, 8 decembrie 2012


Considering I've wasted my entire day watching TV shows and drinking delicious coffee,I think it's only natural I unravel my Christmas list early.So,dear Santa,here's what you have to keep in mind for poor old me this year:
  • a TARDIS
  • my very own Grumpy Cat
  • an infinite supply of coffee and tea
  • self-confidence
  • better writing skills
  • a purpose in life and the power to fulfill it
  • the ability to eat without gaining weight
  • good grades and,better yet,good knowledge
  • the chance to see my cherished seaside in the middle of summer
  • love
  • season 3 of "Sherlock"
  • closure
  • an abundance of marvelous art
  • something unexpected (in a positive way)
  • roses,honey,warm kisses
  • an improved version of myself
  • playful,sassy and caring pets
  • no more nightmares (I mean it!)
  • most importantly,a healthy and happy family,with whom to spend all my moments
Thank you,Santa.I appreciate it.I really do.

3 comentarii:

Tibi spunea...

Santa must hear about it, because you sure do deserve every item on your list!

Adriana spunea...

Fingers crossed! And thank you. :)

Tibi spunea...

You're welcome!