vineri, 28 decembrie 2012

"My head is an animal"

A white moth crushing night's darkness.
A bat feeding off lingering nightmares.
A sloth in charge of my limbs in the morning.
A cat purring beside a dirty cup of coffee.
An elephant sitting on my weary eyelids.
A mouse working its way through a tiresome book,through my misspent youth,through borrowed hours.
A spider ceaselessly playing with my blue fingers.
A dog barking at my silly fantasies.
A butterfly bringing back past's glory into view.
An owl making my heart cry with despair and my faith to crumble into nothing.
An eagle soaring and taking my fearless spirit with it.
A lion roaring at my exhausted spine.
A turtle with a big smile on its face and one for me too.
A fox staring with a confused expression at aged pages and words fit for an older mind.
A wolf conjuring a most frightening moon.
A shark swimming around a freezing sphere.
A peacock pointing out flaws I never knew I had.
A fluffy llama's back for a bed.
A sparrow singing a loving song into my ears.

I'm tired and scared and my head is a mess.

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