luni, 17 decembrie 2012


Remember to shake off your nightmares before you start the day.To always kiss the yellow coffee cup.To smile when oblivious strangers pass you by on the subway.To commemorate and celebrate those who have lost their lives for a cause,faith,freedom.To cherish a fine book.To forgive,understand,respect.To learn from everything.To call home everyday.To breathe.To dream.To believe.To say a prayer before you go to sleep.

Imagine the person you want to become and shape that person into reality's mold.Your ideal world.A kiss in the rain.A summer adventure with your best friends.The absence of sorrow.White blossoms,the loving sun,an emerald bench.A book with your name in golden letters on the shelf of a library.Infinity.Your soul mate.A beautiful Christmas day.Not having to wake up early.Gorgeous art.Everything.

Create each day of your existence,whether it is bright or dark.From nothing to something.Life.In order to survive,to live,to transcend time.With your body and your mind.Without destroying the past.As if it were your only purpose.Crying,laughing,immersing yourself in your creation.Without regrets.Forever.

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