duminică, 9 decembrie 2012

Candy,coffee and carved words

"I'd rather have you,cursed or not...",I whisper to a weary bed in the morning,brushing off my shoulders all those eerie nightmares.
Eating candy for breakfast with my brother has reached the top of my "Awesome things to do" list.The rainbow now lives inside of me,but I'm proud to carry this sweet and savory burden.
If given the possibility (both physically and financially),I would drink my entire body weight in coffee.I am not even remotely kidding,that's how much I love that black drug!Do I have a problem?No?OK.Yes?Please,don't solve it!I like my issue as it is: delightful and damaging.
I can't write properly today.As crippling and crazy as it may seem,I just...can't.My left wrist is a sunken wreck beside me,while my right hand refuses to conjure any helpful muse.That being said,I have to comply and baptize my words as "ordinary".
Though spending Sunday night at home is a treat in itself,there's no denying that this part of the week will always remain among my least favorite time-sensations,soul-definers and imagination-crushers.
The wind's howling on the rooftop,the TV is showing reruns,I'm kinda losing it-when I said "I'm my own worst enemy",I sure as Hell was not kidding...

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