duminică, 30 decembrie 2012

Heavy books and stupid knees

It's funny how you can just walk from a house full of joy to a cemetery and not even flinch.
I sometimes feel like I'm swimming,not walking,through this winter air-this is when my lungs plummet into my stomach and my lips crack and my body refuses to acknowledge certain pain.
Though there's no time to be wasted,family comes first and college second.
As much as I love reading,there will always be books that make you just want to poke out your eyes and quit.Yes,I'm currently in a battle with such a reading material.May God have mercy on my soul.
Thank Heavens for coffee and cats and the silly lie that everything will (eventually) be alright.
Believe it or not,I think my kitchen understands me spiritually.That's why I feel most at home there.That and the fact that I'm closest to the fridge.Priorities.
Everything would be generally fine if only my knees were to cooperate and stop hurting like Hell.My alternative is walking on my hands,but it's too late for that,isn't it?
Music makes the world go round,reality sweeter and the bed a lot softer.

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