vineri, 7 decembrie 2012

"Girlish train"

Friday morning is the most tiresome and exhilarating experience of the week,to be honest.
For some peculiar reason,I always end up wearing oversized sweaters when I'm feeling warm and fuzzy.Silly,isn't it?
I only like the subway when it's putting me on the right track,that being the one towards home.
I could get used to this,you know.The blue train I eagerly await all week long,carrying myself and my darling girls,while we chat and gossip and laugh our troubles away.It makes the trip seem shorter and it reminds me of so many wonderful times we have spent together.I missed being a girly girl once in a while...
Coming here isn't good for my figure,but it does wonders for my confidence and happiness,though.Fair trade.
Of course I didn't get my presents on time: St.Nicholas didn't have my new address!Luckily for me,the old one's the same.Problem solved!
Nothing screams perfection like a bed full of cats,bright tangerines and a 10 p.m. cup of coffee-at least,my kind of perfection.
...if only I could exorcise these stupid thoughts of death and perdition out of my head-preferably,without the aid of tears.

2 comentarii:

Tibi spunea...

Friends are such a wonderful gift of life, aren't they?

Adriana spunea...

Sometimes,they really are.