sâmbătă, 22 decembrie 2012

Simply amazing

Bones aching from those long hours of sleep.Anonymous dreams that just won't let go of a wrinkled pillow.Unwilling hands and rusty joints.An overflowing breakfast,hypnotizing coffee,a chat I've forgotten how to love.Frozen streets,heavy boots,familiar strangers.An eerie and dark holiday cheer spreading through town.Small,yet meaningful gifts.Screaming,shouting,pacing around pieces of wood-some family members just don't click,I'll give you that.A blue hat for a grumpy baby brother.More coffee-because of reasons I no longer feel the need to explain.Finally getting round to watching "The Amazing Spider-Man" and,gosh,the title says it all!I will officially be 20 years of age in a month's time-send help!It feels right: here,in my bed,wrapped up in these fluffy blankets,with cats purring and music flowing through my brain-I'm not lonely,my happiness is just different from yours.I'm grateful for the mindless buzz of an open TV,for cozy socks,for who I came to be today.The bruises on my right palm are starting to heal-silly luggage!Dreams will always be diamonds embedded into my shadow.

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