joi, 13 decembrie 2012

Whole lotta words

...and here I stand,with ink-stained
fingers and starry eyes,
holding on to history and hoping
you'd come and say "Hi!"...
but no; the room's a feverish yellow
and these books smell like
there's too much knowledge in the world,
too much lust,
too much passion and fear and careless
if only my heart would fall
in love with a library
instead of flesh and bone!
if only that body built upon ivory pages
and devilish mechanisms
would recognize an unrequited display
of affection!
if only life weren't so damn
beautiful and complicated...
while I lose myself in a sea
of oblivious letters,you
carry on with your day:
oh,mischievous destiny!
oh,cold December emotions!
oh,gullible,ordinary,silly me!
burning blood,away!away!leave me be!
I'm bound to the written word
and that's all I need...

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