joi, 27 decembrie 2012

Honey day

Endless summer mornings.Your soul mate bringing you a steaming cup of coffee when the bed's grasp becomes unbreakable.Tingling senses and a rush of colors through your veins.Books scattered around the house of your dreams,between brushes and midnight paintings.The roar of the sea coming like a natural poem through an open window.Peace of mind and the sweet insanity of a writer.Love,lust,leisure.An excited dog to greet you every single day.Living,breathing,heartbreaking art wherever and whenever you go.Good food and good lovers.Music that makes you want to burst out of your skin and weep and fall to your knees in ecstatic surrender.A healthy and happy family.Dreams that can no longer be dreams-because they have become true.An Italian friend to cook for you on demand.The chance to see the world and change it.Knowledge,wisdom,infinite inspiration.Sunset-drenched kisses.A cherry orchard all of your own.Purple walls,teal hydrangeas,lavender eyes.To surpass your idols.Pretty orchids and memorable adventures and an abundance of written words.Another 20 years of bliss and 20 more and 20 more ...I wish you all of this and more because I love you more than my silly words could ever encompass.


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