miercuri, 19 decembrie 2012

Frozen blossoms

Dearest nightmares,no matter how hard you try,you'll never bring me down.You know why?I'm real,you're not-that's why.
Is it weird that I talk to myself when I shop,check out all the cute boys in the supermarket,wander around for about an hour,then end up buying only candy and milk?Yes,I believe it is.Meh...
I love procrastinating,yet I hate freaking out-do you see my problem?!
I'm starting to get the hang of reading on the subway and still enjoying it-soon,I'll become a prime example of urban/intelligent/sassy acrobat.Yey,me!
I don't particularly enjoy human interaction,but,if it ends up with me spending time in a scented and maze-like library,then ...I'm game!
To paint you a picture,I will literally walk through a blizzard sent by frozen-Lucifer himself in order to find an antique bookstore.That's what I call dedication,bi*ch! (you are not a bi*ch,I am sorry,I take back my words,my brain's covered in ice,send help)
This evening was the closest my life has ever gotten to a romantic comedy: a ton of gorgeous books,beautiful people,a granted wish (found mom the perfect novel for her Christmas gift),seasonal music and a good bargain.After all these blessings,even the snow started to grow on me!
Say what you will,but Panic! at the Disco understands me.And,on a golden (and cold) December evening,it goes marvelously with a bowl of cereal!
...this is when I usually start panicking about tomorrow,about next year,about forever,when my cheer-induced high wears off.But who cares anymore?I came home today with A BAG FULL OF BOOKS,do you comprehend my words?Considering I've started dancing in the store,you can probably deduce it's a big thing for me.
It's really frustrating to see people leaving in the middle of the week,more so when you just know you'll end up stuck here until Friday afternoon.Great...
I'd rather look at this fast growing wall of snow as a natural collection of frozen blossoms sent my a distant spring.I'd much rather do so,indeed...
A good night's sleep and a strong cup of coffee-that's all I need,all I desire for tomorrow.
Today has been truly good to me.Thank you.

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