sâmbătă, 29 decembrie 2012

Girls gone viral

If I could,I'd never leave my warm and protective bed-seriously,though.Coffee's always better when daddy's the one making it.I'm starting to regret going to college and voluntarily agreeing to read my life's worth in books that I don't feel particularly fond of-especially on my freaking vacation!My cats have grown fluffy and big and most whiny while I've been away.I should have been born a mermaid-that's how much I love water.It's so damn hard when you have something to do,but your entire being just goes against that necessity and tries to shut down-trust me.Communication issues-guess who has them?(*points at self*). I can't believe so much time has passed and we're reliving this moment and I love you to bits,girls!Because what's the point of having friends if you don't have sleepovers where you get to eat tons of candy,watch movies,stalk Youtubers,gossip and laugh till the morning?Either my bones are made of the most painful material in the world,or I have been dropped one too many times on the head when I was little.Nothing can compare with the feeling of belonging and friendship and love.Oh,and that candy tasted really Irish,by the way!

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