luni, 24 decembrie 2012

Hit the road,darling!

...and the world's just one
big road,
with yellow lanterns and teal fireflies
guiding us back home;
...and I refuse to let my feet
give in,
bruised,battered,even bleeding
from the rocks which life throws
at them,
be it dawn,dusk or in between.
...and there's no such thing
as destiny,
only bare soles and willing hearts-
as long as there's dirt on the ground,
I'll be fine
and with a pen stuck
to my right hand!
...and I'll roam
these winding paths
through sizzling heat and damaged cold,
only to find my own
reflected at the end
of it all!
...and the world's just one
small piece
of what was,is,could become...

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