miercuri, 26 decembrie 2012

Christmas joy-part 2

I shouldn't be staying up so late-though it's not my fault I have a bucketful of books to read,zero willingness to read them and that the TV is slowly luring me into its world.
"You will never take me alive!",I cry as my mother rushes me to get out of bed at 9 a.m.;needless to say,that didn't work,neither did my grumpy face.It's sad ,but it's true-I'm growing old.And pathetic.
Truth be told,I don't even know why I complain so much-it's a freaking awesome holiday,I get to travel and see my relatives,I'm spending time with my family,friends,cats...I mean,why do I even open my mouth?That's a mystery to myself and the world.
To put it the old fashioned Romanian way,today I ate my way through the hours "in deplasare".Honest to God,pinch me with a needle right now and I'll burst!Even so,I regret nothing- 'cause nobody cooks like grandma&co.Nobody!My full tummy can testify to that.
There's something so marvelous and thrilling about a desolate winter scenery-the vastness,the silence,the whiteness!I've never seen a more human sunset up until this evening.
...and what better way to end the day than by singing?Or listening to other sing.Or both.

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